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Happy Halloweed – Strains to Celebrate Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, we decided to round-up some of the best strains to celebrate this spooky yet festive occasion!


Despite the disastrous sounding name, Trainwreck is an extremely enjoyable strain. that combines Mexican Sativa, Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica genetics. As a predominantly Sativa strain, Trainwreck produces mellow body relaxation with an energizing and imaginative cerebral high that lends itself to all sorts of fun Halloween activities.

Durban Poison Shatter

Excellent for a fun night out, Durban Poison is a pure Sativa that hits with a powerful and happy cerebral high that is great for creativity (hello, costume design!) and boosting energy for your late night celebrations! The high is clear and focused, with an amplification of sights and sounds linked to this buzzy head high. This strain has no hints of sleepiness or sedation and can keep you energized and dancing all night long! If only the evil queen had laced Snow White’s apple with Durban Poison instead of, you know, actual poison!

Bruce Banner

The Hulk is an often popular costume idea and his alter-ego, Bruce Banner, is a great strain choice! As a 60:40 Sativa dominant strain, this homage to the comic book legend could relax even the Incredible Hulk’s temper. Bruce Banner produces an intensely euphoric head high with increased creativity and a serious boost in mood. The Indica component is powerfully relaxing without the sedation, making it perfect for exploring haunted houses, carving pumpkins and more!

Death Bubba

With a fitting name and effects, Death Bubba is an excellent Halloween choice. Derived from the popular Bubba Kush, this strain has ratio of 70:30 Indica to Sativa making it a fun choice for watching horror flicks. The Sativa element provides a cerebral headrush that boosts mood and improves focus, while the Indica effects relax the body and eventually results in spaciness and introspection. As the high fades, Death Bubba eases the user into a deep, death like sleep just like Sleeping Beauty.


Even Superman may have a hard time with this strain! A likely cross of Killer Queen and Mendocino Purps, Kryptonite packs a deadly punch! The Indica-dominant genetics of this option produces a predominantly a body high that produces powerful and long-lasting physical relaxation. There is a small Sativa component that provides a solid euphoric hit and helps boost mood. This strain is ideal for a night-in watching horror flicks and handing out sweet, sweet candy!

Always remember to toke with care, especially out on Halloween as negative effects like paranoia can hit hard when you’re surrounded by costumed folks! A little can go a long way to boosting your evening and ensuring a pleasant and fun high. We hope you have a spooktacular weekend!

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