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How to Properly Roll a Joint

There are many options on different ways to roll a joint, which papers you use, etc. As you gain experience, you will find your own favourite way of doing things; the goal is to make sure that the bud burns smoothly and evenly. Starting with quality bud from your local or online cannabis dispensary will make this process easier. Once you have that, our easy seven step guide to rolling, will have you on your way!

What you will need to roll a joint:

  1. Your favourite marijuana bud
  2. Rolling papers of your choice
  3. Crutch or filter
  4. Cannabis grinder
  5. Optional: A pen to help pack the joint

1. Grind The Bud

The first step to roll a joint is to grind up the cannabis. Providing you bought quality product from a local dispensary or mail-order marijuana service, the cannabis should break down quite easily. The grinder is helpful for keeping your hand from getting sticky, and it ensures a more even breakdown of the bud. If you don’t have a grinder, you can use scissors or do it by hand.

2. Create The Filter (Optional)

Many smokers will swear by having a filter to keep the bud from falling out of the end (or into your mouth) and to keep your fingers from getting burned. However, there are also many experienced rollers and smokers who don’t bother to include one. If you choose roll a joint and include one, you need a thin piece of cardboard (such as a business card). Some joint papers also include these “crutch” materials. The key is to begin with a few small folds before rolling the material to the desired thickness.

3. Sprinkle Bud Into Joint

The next step to roll a joint is to sprinkle the bud into the joint until it is full. Pull out your rolling paper and place the filter in one end (if you have chosen to include one). Next, sprinkle the bud (or “shake”) into the joint. When the joint has the right amount of bud, which is typically 0.5-1 gram), you can begin to form and shape your joint. To do this, pinch it between your fingers and roll it back and forth. This will help to pack the cannabis and get it into its final shape.

4. Roll The Joint

This next step is where we actually roll a joint – and it can easily make or break the success of your creation. The first step is to ensure the unglued side of the rolling paper is tucked into the roll. Then, using a little bit of moisture, glue down one of the ends of the glued paper. Once one end is glued down, move across the remainder of the joint to seal it.

5. Pack and Close the Joint

The last step to rolling is to finish your joint; this will guarantee an even burn. A pen is handy or you can use the end of your scissors, or just about any other object available. Use this object to push the weed down into the joint on the open end, ensuring it is nice and tight. This is what can make or break the burn. Sometimes you will have room to add a bit more bud to the end, otherwise twist the end to close it up!

Try Different Things, the Options Are Limitless!

Once you get the basics of rolling a proper joint, there are limitless things you can do with it. You can make them bigger or smaller, roll them into shapes, etc. You just need some good papers and your favourite strain to get you going!

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Here are a few video tutorials to help you out

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