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Is Weed Safer Than Alcohol?

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The use of cannabis is becoming more acceptable across Canada. With the holiday season just around the corner, we thought now would be a good time to ask the question, is weed safer than alcohol, and even try to convert some of our liquor lovers over to the dank side.

Weed Will Not Lead to Weight Gain

Unlike alcohol, weed itself does not have any calories and therefore, will not lead to wait gain on its own. Even with its ability to induce “the munchies”, marijuana users tend to have a healthier waistline than their alcoholic counterparts. There is no such thing as a “weed belly”, which is healthier and safer than the extra pounds gained from too many beers with the guys.

Weed Does Not Lead to Hangovers or Blackouts

Both experienced and beginner drinkers have likely experienced a hangover or a blackout at some point in their life. This is due to the effects that alcohol has on the brain – ranging from changing the brain chemistry so that it stops “recording” memories to creating severe dehydration, which is generally the cause of a moderate hangover. However, weed does not result in blackouts or hangovers. While some individuals can feel groggy the day after having weed (especially if they ingest too much), it does not come with the need for greasy foods or other hangover remedies. Often, a cup of coffee is enough to perk the mind back up after too much Indica.

Weed Does Not Wreak Havoc on Internal Organs

Despite what may have been said in misguided myths and misconceptions about marijuana, it does not have any dangerous effects on internal organs. In fact, marijuana and the compound THC found within it, are proven to reduce inflammation and pain and even help cells to heal themselves. Even marijuana smokers have a minimal risk of lung cancer than tobacco smokers. Alcohol, on the other hand, are linked to having an increased risk of liver damage, stroke, heart disease and more – specifically for individuals who are heavy drinkers.

Weed Does Not Damage Brain Cells

Again, despite what misguided myths will have you believe, weed does not degregate brain cells. Studies have shown that individuals who smoke weed regularly actually have neuroprotective components in their brain. However, alcohol actually can damage the brain – especially when you consider that it can result in blackouts, whereby the alcohol has actually stopped the process of your brain that creates memories.

Weed Has a Lower Risk of Addiction

When it comes to addiction, it is a serious problem that faces many alcohol users. However, the rate of addiction is far lower when it comes to marijuana. According to a study cited by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the rate of addiction for alcohol is approximately 15%, which is not far from the rate of cocaine addiction, which is at 17%! Cannabis on the other hand, is addictive to 9% of users who try it – the same as caffeine.

Weed Is Not Associated With Violence

Weed has always been associated with a “hippie” kind of culture. This is a culture comprised of peace, love and happiness and many marijuana users still see it this way. The use of this drug is about self-healing, self-discovery and finding good vibes everywhere. On the other hand, alcohol is often linked to the idea of bar fights and risky behaviour, that are sometimes dangerous and deadly. This is because alcohol impairs the areas of the brain responsible for decision-making, impulsiveness and judgment. Marijuana, on the other hand, is likely to generate calmness and reduce agitation it its users.
In addition, The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence reported alcohol use as a factor in a whopping 40% of all violent crimes in the United States! This includes 37% of rapes and 27% of aggravated assaults. Scary. On the other hand, there is no link between marijuana use and violence. In fact, legalization has resulted in a decrease in violent crimes in the states that have allowed it and even those that are on the border. A comparative assessment published in Scientific Reports found that alcohol is 114 times more deadly than marijuana!

You Cannot Overdose on Weed

Unlike with alcohol, you cannot overdose on weed. This is one of the most important reasons for why it is a safer alternative to alcohol – and to prescription painkillers. It is a lot easier to consume a fatal amount of alcohol than people realize. It has been concluded that 0.35% to 0.40% blood alcohol usually results in fatality. To give you an idea of this, most first time drinkers are unconscious after 0.15%. However, when it comes to weed, the author of Weed: A User’s Guide concludes that a “a fatal dose of marijuana would require ingestion of fifteen hundred pounds in fifteen minutes”. However, that is entirely theoretical as there is no recorded data of a fatal marijuana overdose, or even data coming close to suggesting what the amount might be.

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