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Dabbing 101: What Are They & How Do You Smoke Them? (Demo)


What Are Dabs

“Dabs” are a cannabis concentrate that go by several names, including wax, oil, distillate, shatter, and more. You can browse our quality shatter and distillate in our online cannabis dispensary shop at FairCannaCare.

Regardless of what you call them, dabs are always a semi-liquid, semi-solid consistency in order to vaporize properly. Due to the fact that dabbing is done with cannabis concentrates, keep in mind that it is a very potent inhalation method. While traditional joints offer THC of between 10-30%, concentrates can have THC potency around 50-80%, sometimes reaching the 90s! This makes dabs up to four times as potent as smoking!  

How To Dab

The concept behind dabbing is to take this cannabis concentrate and “dab” it using an oil rig. An “oil rig” is a glass pipe that has a hole for a titanium or glass “nail” and a dome to cover the nail and prevent the cannabis vapor from escaping. Similar to a bong, an “oil rig” also has a chamber and a mouthpiece; the only difference is the shape and inclusion of the nail.

When you are ready to dab, you need to first superheat the nail. The most popular way to do this is through the use of a butane torch – it is dangerous, so be careful. Once the nail has been superheated, you can then add a drop of the oil/wax/shatter to the tip. The heat will combust the concentrate and send the vapor into the chamber of the oil rig, then up through the mouth piece to your lungs.

You could also use an eNail, which is a device that heats the nail with an electric charge, as opposed to open flames or a dangerous butane torch. These nails do get just as hot, so be careful, but it is a great method to apply the proper temperature, and avoid the risk of a fire.

First Timer Tips

If this is indeed your first time smoking a dab, be mindful of these four tips:

Start Slow

If you are new to concentrates, and especially dabbing, be sure to start slow. While you may be a master of joint smoking or bong rips, dabbing is very different. Given the fact that dabbing is done with the use of concentrates, the cannabis is in an almost-pure form. As a result, it is extremely potent! With this in mind, start slow – don’t do a huge rip for your first time. Inhale a little and wait a few minutes to see how you feel.

Don’t Overdo It

While you cannot overdose from weed, you can still have a bad experience. Dabbing too much can result in a too-intense high and even vomiting or passing out. So remember to dab lightly! You can always have another hit, but you can’t go back and have less.

You Might Be Trippin’

Once again, dabs are extremely potent. As such, they have a tendency to hit the user hard and fast. In fact, a single dab is said to be equivalent to smoking three bowls! For novice users, that is a lot of marijuana in a short time. As a result, you may find that dabbing effects you more than you have experienced in the past; don’t panic. Just ride the wave and try dabbing a little less the next time.

Did Someone Say “Munchies”?

You will feel good, really good, but then you will feel thirsty, hungry and maybe even a little horny. Be sure to keep healthy snacks and a glass of water on-hand for when the munchies hit!

Get Dabbing

If you are ready to try dabbing, or are an experienced dabber looking for new concentrates, check out Compassion Concentrates! They are available online at Fair Canna Care, where we make it easy to buy weed online. Browse our selection and then get dabbing.

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