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About Us

FairCannaCare is a group of compassionate growers who operate with the belief that every Canadian should have access to high-quality cannabis, regardless of their income, social status or medical needs.

FairCannaCare was created to provide low-cost cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes to Canadian’s of legal age. We are working hard to deliver quality product to every individual in need, regardless of income.

To accomplish this important goal, we promise to maintain pricing at a rate far lower than the current market – and we are succeeding, by providing a wide range of products at wide price-to-quality scale. With prices ranging from some flower for $33/oz up to the industry’s top-quality Super Quads for $10/gram. In some cases, we are up to 70% lower than other online dispensaries in Canada.

Our product is available to order through our online store.

At FairCannaCare, patients like you are our top priority.

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…Faircannacare has really stepped up their operations in a tremendous way; product packaging improvements, kinder and efficient communications and especially their Customer Service!


FairCannaCare soft-launches to friends and industry contacts amidst a very different cannabis industry than we know today. Presented with many regulatory challenges, the site takes some time to get it’s legs underneath it. But by the end of the year, the site and its supply channel is fully up and running.

With a few strategic adjustments to start the year, FairCannaCare hits its stride around February/March of 2018. To this day, we at FairCannaCare consider February 2018 our official anniversary and this year we were happy to run one of our most successful promotions ever to honour 5 years in operation.

2018 was a milestone year for the company as it saw us grow and expand as the country galvanized towards legalization, coming full-circle in October 2018 when Canada officially legalizes recreational cannabis use.

2019 was a boom year for the company and the industry in general as the cannabis industry exploded amidst Canadian recreational cannabis legalization, which took full affect in October of the previous year.

COVID19 impacted the cannabis industry dramatically. Isolation measures caused production difficulties in the cannabis industry. While at the same time creating an increased demand for cannabis products as people had more leisure time spent isolated at home. Many MOM sites experienced quality control issues as supply shortages were rampant sending many recreational cannabis users to government cannabis stores.

Government cannabis stores partner with government organizations and law-enforcement to being a major witch-hunt and shut-down of MOM sites. This resulted in 2 domain changes for FairCannaCare in one year. We went from .com to .org and then to .co later that same year. We lost many of our loyal customers that were unable to find us after the domain changes, but we prevailed.

2022 was a rebuild year for FairCannaCare, but just as we got rolling, another round of MOM site shut-downs took effect. This saw us change to an offshore domain extension in Utilizing this domain has allowed FairCannaCare to rebuild and provides protection against government attacks on MOM sites.

Now an OG MOM site, FairCannaCare experienced some challenges with it’s website in the early months of the year. A major overhaul of the website’s infrastructure was undertaken and FairCannaCare relaunched in late-April with their “Rediscover FairCannaCare” campaign. With the combination of a top-performing website and the best quality products ever offered on the site, FairCannaCare is poised for a breakout year in 2023.

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