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Buy Weed Online in Vancouver

Vancouver is the most populous city in British Columbia with a population of over 2,460,000 it is the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada. The city is regularly noted as one of the top cities worldwide for quality of life and livability, despite skyrocketing housing prices. It is also one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada, with over 50% of residents reporting a first language other than English.

Vancouver is well-known around the globe for many reasons, including its hosting of several international events such as the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, UN Habitat I, Expo 86, the World Police and Fire Games in 1989 and 2009, and the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. In addition, major film and television production studios have taken up residence in Vancouver to film it’s landmark buildings and beautiful ocean views.

Vancouver is also famous for something else – BC Bud. Cannabis from BC has made a name for itself around the world as being some of the best grown and top quality available, bar none. This is especially interesting when you consider the rich, and somewhat controversial, history of cannabis in British Columbia and specifically Vancouver.

Recently, cannabis has been legalized across Canada. As a result, many Vancouver dispensaries are finding themselves out of business so it can be hard to come by when not purchased through a Government website or store, or via a Licensed Producer. The price for legal weed starts at $4.99 per gram, but most of the strains are available from $7 to $8 per gram. With the expensive cost of living in Vancouver, these can be hard prices to afford. Fortunately, there is FairCannaCare.

FairCannaCare operates with the belief that everyone in Vancouver (and all Canadians) should have access to low-cost, affordable cannabis options. As a result, we stock flower starting at just $2.50 per gram up to our more premium selections at $10 per gram. We also offer many options of shatter at $20, $25 and $30 per gram in addition to kief, oils, hash, edibles and CBD Isolate! This is quite a discount from Government prices, but our product is loved by many individuals and trust us – your wallet will thank you!

All orders are shipped discreetly with Canada Post and your information is kept secure. We make it safe and easy to buy weed online.

NOTICE: FairCannaCare is a mail-order marijuana service that proudly operates out of the province of British Columbia and stocks our coveted BC bud. As a result, all orders ship from the Vancouver area, so please allow 3 to 7 business days for delivery.

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