Cannabis is credited with anti-inflammatory properties. This is mostly due to the THC and CBD compounds found in the marijuana flower. These compounds are “cannabinoids”; they occur naturally in the body and in nature. These cannabinoids are responsible for controlling the immune system, thereby suppressing inflammatory responses. Thus, this reduces inflammation and pain. Many studies have found that THC and CBD work together to create this response. However, scientists are also finding that CBD has potential to manage inflammation on its own.

For this reason, any strain of cannabis (high THC, low THC, high CBD, one-to-one) is beneficial for reducing the inflammatory response. If you are anxious or want to avoid the psychoactive effects produced by THC,  a high CBD/low THC or one-to-one strain is best. These have minimal to zero “high” inducing effects, depending on the ratio.

Fair Canna Care is a mail-order marijuana service that is proud to offer a variety of cannabis strains to fight all manner of ailments, including inflammation. Our online cannabis dispensary shop is steadily growing with additional marijuana strains added every day!

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Black Gas Diamonds (1 Gram)
-18% New
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $33.00.
Earn 0.66 Reward Points
Full-Spectrum CBD Cream Full-Spectrum CBD Cream
Earn 1.10 Reward Points
Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture | 1,000mg Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture | 1,000mg
Earn 1.20 Reward Points
Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture | 1,500mg Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture | 1,500mg
Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $75.00.
Earn 1.50 Reward Points
Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture | 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture | 500mg
Earn 0.80 Reward Points
MATRIX Micro-dose Mushrooms/Psilocybin
Earn 0.94 Reward Points
Quantum Kush (B) Sativa Quantum Kush (B) Sativa
Earn 0.06 Reward Points
Wholesale | Quantum Kush (B) Sativa Wholesale | Quantum Kush (B) Sativa
Earn 10.20 Reward Points
ACDC | CBD Flower
Earn 1.00 Reward Points
Cannatonic | CBD Flower
Earn 1.00 Reward Points
Dr. Kush
Dr. Kush Quick View
Earn 0.40 Reward Points
Ghost Train Haze
Earn 0.50 Reward Points
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