“The Munchies” is a common expression due to the appetite-inducing effects generated by consuming marijuana flowers. This is because THC is similar to the natural endocannabinoid system, which controls much of the body. Marijuana links to natural receptors, thereby “tricking” the brain into signalling the body that it is hungry. This is not good for regular folks trying to watch their waistline, but is excellent for medical patients. Specifically, chemotherapy patients and individuals struggling with eating disorders who may have an issue with appetite or weight loss. Additionally, cannabis creates a higher sensitivity to the smell of food, which is closely linked to taste. That is why dessert is so much better after a strong toke!

Whatever reason you have for needing to motivate your mind or body into being hungry, Fair Canna Care is here to help! We have a number of hunger-inducing strains in our online cannabis dispensary shop including: Skywalker OGGirl Scout Cookies (even sounds good!) and Sage ‘N Sour, among others.

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Black Gas Diamonds (1 Gram)
-18% New
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $33.00.
Earn 0.66 Reward Points
Berry OG Kush (B) Hybrid Berry OG Kush (B) Hybrid
Earn 0.06 Reward Points
Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese Quick View
Earn 6.00 Reward Points
Blue Cheese (AAAA) Indica
Earn 0.20 Reward Points
Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush Quick View
Earn 0.40 Reward Points
Bubba OG (AA) Indica
Earn 0.12 Reward Points
Chemdawg (B-) | Hybrid
Earn 0.05 Reward Points
Death Bubba
Death Bubba Quick View
Earn 0.30 Reward Points
Death Bubba (AAAA) Indica
Earn 0.16 Reward Points
Dr. Kush
Dr. Kush Quick View
Earn 0.40 Reward Points
Girl Scout Cookies (AA) | Hybrid
Earn 0.12 Reward Points
Godzilla Quick View
Earn 0.40 Reward Points
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