Head High

Head High
A “head high”, or cerebral high, is the mental state that results from medical marijuana use. This heady buzz is common with Sativa and Sativa-dominant hybrids and leads to a creative, energizing and euphoric mood. Subsequently, this high is often clear-headed, making it great for daytime use. In addition, the head high is accompanied by a sense of happiness and productivity – sometimes even giddiness.

These highs usually begin with a rush of energy and thoughts that begin filling the mind. The response is often laughter or creativity as this head high allows for new ways of looking at ideas. Additionally, it gets the mind and body buzzing so users can be more chatty from these types of strains.

These strains can help make the most of your day, or beat creative blocks and even manage fatigue or depression. However, anxiety sufferers should avoid hard-hitting Sativa strains as they can induce anxious thoughts in individuals prone to negative thinking. Fair Canna Care makes it easy to buy cannabis online and we have a variety of these cerebral strains available in our shop.

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Chemdawg (B-) | Hybrid
Earn 0.05 Reward Points
Girl Scout Cookies (AA) | Hybrid
Earn 0.12 Reward Points
Green Crack (A) Sativa Green Crack (A) Sativa
Earn 0.10 Reward Points
Rockstar (A) Indica
Earn 0.10 Reward Points
Sage’n’Sour (B-) | Sativa
Earn 0.05 Reward Points
Skywalker OG (B+) Hybrid Skywalker OG (B+) Hybrid
Earn 0.08 Reward Points
Wholesale | Girl Scout Cookies (AA) | Hybrid
Earn 15.00 Reward Points
Wholesale | Green Crack (A) Sativa Wholesale | Green Crack (A) Sativa
Earn 14.00 Reward Points
Wholesale | Rockstar (A) Indica
Earn 14.00 Reward Points
Wholesale | Skywalker OG (B+) Hybrid Wholesale | Skywalker OG (B+) Hybrid
Earn 12.00 Reward Points
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