Medical marijuana and asthma don’t sound like they would go together. However, when you remove smoking as a consumption method, it is a successful treatment option. It can be consumed in vape or edible format, which do not affect the lungs. The success for this treatment on asthma patients is due to the powerful antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties exhibited by this plant.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition. As such, it causes tightening and narrowing of the airways making it hard for individuals to breathe. Firstly, cannabis is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Small quantities of cannabinoid receptors are already naturally present in human lung tissue. This allows marijuana to manage the immune response and reduce bronchial inflammation. Lastly, while pain is not a primary symptom, many patients suffer from aching or sharp pains in the chest. Medical marijuana is famous for its pain-relieving properties and is excellent for relaxing the body after an asthma attack.

Fair Canna Care is a mail-order marijuana service that believes in providing affordable and easy-access to cannabis. Therefore, we offer a variety of strains for all ailments. Chocolope, in particular, is a great strain for reducing symptoms of this condition. Shop our online cannabis dispensary for more great strains!

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