Cramps, particularly menstrual cramps, affect approximately 43% of women and are often painful. They are very frustrating and often recurring monthly with the menstrual cycle. While some women find Advil enough, others need the soothing remedy of a hot water bottle or heating pad and some even need to take the day off work!

Cannabis is an especially versatile remedy for the side-effects of aunt flow. With a variety of strains, from daytime Sativa to evening Indica, and various consumption methods, cannabis is suitable for anyone. In fact, some companies have even developed bath bombs and tampons with cannabinoid profiles to help alleviate this frustrating symptom.

Fair Canna Care prides itself on providing options for all ailments, including cramps. Berry OG and Hindu Kush provide great relief! More strains are being added daily to online cannabis dispensary, meaning there will be even more options for you to buy medical marijuana online as we continue to grow.

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Apple Jack
Apple Jack Quick View
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Berry OG Kush (B) Hybrid Berry OG Kush (B) Hybrid
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Sugar Kush (B-) Indica
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Wholesale | Berry OG Kush (B) Hybrid Wholesale | Berry OG Kush (B) Hybrid
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Wholesale | Shatter | Apple Jack
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Wholesale | Sugar Kush (B-) Indica
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