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5 Surprising Reasons to Buy Weed Online (Demo)

The number of registered medical marijuana users in Canada jumped from 75,000 to 167,000 in under a year, according to data from April 2016 and March 2017. With this increase in patients, the Canadian marijuana industry is booming. Unfortunately, dispensaries are still limited to big urban areas, such as Vancouver and Toronto. Thankfully, there are a growing number of online dispensaries.

So what are the benefits of buying weed online?

… it can be difficult for individuals living in distant urban areas to get access to the medication that they so desperately need


When you are not feeling well, the last thing you want to have to do is travel an hour to get your medication. This is especially true for patients who are in chronic pain or critically ill. With most of Canada’s dispensaries located in Vancouver and Toronto, it is difficult for individuals in distant urban areas to access the medication they so desperately need. This is even more true for individuals in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec where there are very few licensed operations; the ones that do exist, are especially far to travel to.

When buying weed online you also don’t need to worry about making it to the dispensary before closing time. When online, you can place your order at any time through any device, anywhere.


Despite growing legalization for marijuana in Canada, there is still a stigma surround medical marijuana use. Not to mention the many inaccurate stereotypes regarding marijuana users. Buying weed online is discreet and easy. Plus, it prevents awkward conversation if you happen to run into a coworker or friend on a trip to a downtown dispensary. When you buy online, your order will ship direct to your door! It will be discreetly packaged and vacuum-sealed to protect and maintain your privacy.

Better Deals

Buying weed online also provides a lot more opportunity to shop around for different strains and deals. You can compare prices for several different suppliers at once, instead of being stuck paying what your local dispensaries charge. It can be intimidating at first as some of the online deals will seem too-good-to-be-true. That being said, online operations are realistically able to offer lower pricing due to reduced overhead costs from not maintaining a storefront. However, do be wary of buying online. No storefront means you cannot see the product, so make sure to do your research and buy from a reputable source, such as Fair Canna Care.

…they generally have more options for product and stock than a local distributor.

More Options

Online dispensaries tend to store their product in a warehouse versus a storefront so they generally have more options for stock than a local distributor. Even if stock is not available, you can still place your order. In this case, it will just ship when ready! That definitely beats making additional trips to a local dispensary, hoping your favourite strain is there.

Avoid Awkward Conversion

Many medical marijuana users have chronic pain or struggle with anxiety and depression. The benefit of buying online, is the ability to avoid the stress of socializing with dispensary clerks or individuals. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to get to know your local operator and their customers, but sometimes you just don’t want to talk to anyone. Maybe your anxiety is really bad that day, or your pain is acting up. Buying online relieves this pressure. Plus, you can take your time perusing without being rushed or having to make small-talk.

Have you ever bought weed online? Let us know your experience! If not, consider giving Fair Canna Care a chance to meet your needs.

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