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Stoner Tips to Handle Holiday Stress (Demo)

The holidays can be a fun and beautiful time of year, but they do not come without their fair share of stresses. Fortunately, there are some great tactics for handling holiday mayhem – especially if you’re a stoner! While cannabis is a great tool in-and-of-itself for relieving stress, combining it with other activities can prove even more effective for managing the holidays, and helping you into the New Year.

If you are not already, scheduling 10 to 30 minutes of self care into each day can help relieve the tension that piles up around the holidays. What with all the shopping, wrapping, decorating and obligatory dinners this season, scheduling some “me time” can make a world of difference, especially when you combine it with the healing power of cannabis.

Check out these fun tips for when you need a little stress-free moment:

Smoke a Joint & Get Moving

One of the best things anyone can do during the holidays is simply take a walk to get some fresh air and de-stress – and nothing improves a walk quite like cannabis! So roll yourself a joint (or grab one of our handy pre-rolls), bundle up and get outside and get moving. You can even try pairing your cannabis with some yoga in the park or a sweaty gym session. The combinations of endorphins and that little bit of distance between yourself and your buzzing holiday schedule could be just what the doctor ordered!

Bring Your Creativity (and an Edible) to the Table

Anyone who has ever had an edible (whether it be a gummy, brownie, cookie or some other delicious weed-infused snack) knows how stress relieving they can be! You can even make your own edibles, all you need is some cannabis and room in your kitchen! Regardless of how you come by your little ganga goodie, it can be a great idea to combine it with creative efforts. Whether you love music, drawing, painting, writing poetry or even coloring in a coloring book, edibles can add that extra layer of creative excitement and reduce your stress at the same time.

Host a Canna-Party With Friends

The holidays are generally a giant mishmash of dinners and holiday celebrations with friends, family and co-workers, which sounds fun but can create a hectic schedule and be quite stressful. If you can, putting a quiet night aside to spend with your close friends can make a world of difference. It is a great opportunity to vent holiday or family frustrations, get ideas for gifts and decorating or even avoid discussion of the holidays altogether. Grab some snacks, a few edibles or some quality bud and just kick back together!

Transform Your Bath Into a Spa Oasis

Who doesn’t love a quiet and cozy bubble bath? Perfect for reducing stress and helping to ease fatigue, a hot bath can be made even better with the addition of cannabinoid infused bath bombs or epsom salts, which are often available in both THC and CBD options. Another great bath time partner is a potent vape pen so you can toke freely. You may want to light some candles and turn on the music to take your relaxation to the next level!  

Enjoy a Guilt-Free Day

Last, but certainly not least, sometimes when you feel so bogged down by the holiday rush whether it is because you have been out partying every day or maybe Christmas isn’t really your thing, there is nothing better than taking one guilt-free day to yourself! Keep your vape pen handy and indulge in too much TV or too many sweets, completely guilt-free. Many times we forget that sometimes all our minds and bodies need is just a day of rest. Trust us, you’ll feel much better after!

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