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Self Discovery Through Cannabis (Demo)

Self-discovery can be defined as “the process of acquiring insight into one’s own character”. This has always been an important aspect of growing up as you go through the journey of discovering who you are, at your core. This means finding your purpose in life, understanding what emotions and experiences you are governed by and understanding your own reactions to the different situations that life can throw at us. Once you have achieved this understanding, you reach an enlightened level that is referred to as being “self-aware”. However, the journey to get here requires a lot of soul searching and it is different for everyone.

The Journey of Self

I grew up in a home where self-discovery was always at the forefront of discussion. Even as a little kid, the topics of “what do you want to be when you grow up” or “what makes you happy” or “why are you sad” were important discussions to have – as they are in many homes. What I did not realize then, was how much those discussions shaped my ability to understand my emotions as an adult and how it helped spark the flame that would become a lifelong relationship with myself.

As you get older, the idea of understanding yourself sounds hippiesque, but is actually quite fundamental in nature. Self-discovery can be broken down into two questions: What and Why. For instance, you may know what you are passionate about and what it is that motivates and drives you forward in life, but the better question is “why?”.

As someone who spent many of my teenage years wrapped up in a haze of depression and anxiety and spent most of my time never feeling good enough and not understanding why, introspection was vital to becoming my best self. The process of self-discovery allowed me to understand the root of my anxieties, depression and lack of self-confidence. It allowed me to pinpoint one clear and recurring theme that lead to everything else – my perfectionist nature. Going from having multiple “symptoms” and being able to finally file those things down into a single issue was integral for my self-development. It allowed me to take my power back.

Each individual has their own “root” cause for the things that they may wish to improve about themselves. Understanding “what” that root cause is and “why” it exists is not only liberating, but opens up an entirely new life.

This is where cannabis comes in.

Cannabis and Self-Awareness

Cannabis is known to provide four unique effects when it comes to introspection and reflection, each of which is beneficial to the discovery of self.

Hyper Focused Attention

A short-term effect of cannabis is hyper focused attention, which can relate to a number of experiences including how much better food tastes when you are high to how sand feels in your toes. The benefit to this (combined with how time feels slow when you are stoned) is that most individuals are extremely present and in the moment allowing you to feel your emotions while you are experiencing them. This provides great insight to yourself as an individual.

Enhanced Episodic Memory

Another effect of cannabis is that it can produce enhanced episodic memory. This goes hand-in-hand with the hyper focused attention, that allows you to recount memories with incredible detail. Even memories long since thought forgotten!

Enhanced Imagination (Creativity)

As with enhanced episodic memory, cannabis users often find themselves with an enhanced imagination or creativity. This is not just visual imagination, but also encompasses auditory, tactile and taste components.

Enhanced Pattern Recognition

Lastly, is enhanced pattern recognition. Often cannabis users will notice things that other individuals miss – whether tiny details in daily occurrences or patterns on a much larger scale such as those with friends and family. Recognizing patterns plays an important role in self-discovery as patterns define behaviour.

Beyond these four particular effects, cannabis has the ability to help reduce stress and anxiety, which is beneficial to anyone looking to get to know themselves better. The stress reduction helps to quiet the noise in your brain and allow you to focus on your own core being.

In addition, as stated many individuals have been shaped by their previous experiences and upbringing and may have negative memories or a negative association with their past. Cannabis can help to reduce anxiety when drawing on memories that sometimes are rather forgotten and help you to see them with new clarity.

Best Strains for Introspection

If you have decided to try cannabis to help you on your journey, there are a few strains that lend themselves better to an introspective goal.

Blue Dream: This is a popular strain known for its ability to help balance unpleasant moods and instill calmness in its user. A near-even hybrid, the buzz is a combination of cerebral energy and body relaxation that allows you to comfortably explore within and beyond. Order online today!

Northern Lights: With a pleasant mix of physical relaxation and dreamy euphoria, Northern Lights is an ideal strain for introspection. This strain will help you to let go of intrusive thoughts and get to the root, while keeping you calm and focused.

Grand Daddy Purple: While a more sedating strain, Granddaddy Purple offers a great opportunity for introspection. This strain has soothing effects that ease the body into heavy relaxation while dreamy euphoria takes over the mind.

Hindu Kush: Inducing a hypnotic state of mind, Hindu Kush is another Indica that proves itself worthy of introspection. This strain induces a sense of deep calm and the sweet and earthy aroma is similar to incense.

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If you are not a fan of the above strains, most Sativa-dominant or hybrid strains will provide the balance of relaxation and energizing euphoria that is ideal for introspection and self-discovery. This is a very personalized experience, so what works for your friend or brother may not be the same for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Regardless of what you believe spiritually, there is no question that self-discovery can help make you a calmer and happier individual, which will result in a ripple effect that will improve every other aspect of your life from your relationships to your career.

It is a journey worth taking. Don’t you think?

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