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Popular Cannabis Strains and Their Terpenes (Demo)

Cannabis is a powerful and complex plant that contains much, much more than just THC. These plants have a variety of over 100 possible cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN, THCV, etc) as well as hundreds of terpenes, flavonoids and more that work together to dictate the plants aroma, taste, appearance, effects and benefits. While each strain can have trace amounts of dozens of terpenes, there are some strains that have more notable levels of terpenes worth exploring.

Here are some of the more popular cannabis strains and their terpenes:

Blue Dream with Myrcene

One of the most popular and beneficial strains on the market today is Blue Dream. Characterised by its sweet berry aroma and taste, this strain has a near balance of Sativa and Indica genetics allowing it to treat a multitude of symptoms. Beginning with a cerebral high, Blue Dream provides an uplifting and energizing mood boost as well as calming physical effects without the sedation. As a result, Blue Dream is a great daytime or afternoon strain and is ideal for treating mood disorders (depression, anxiety) as well as managing chronic pain. This is partially due to the Indica and Sativa genetics, as well as the THC content, but also the terpene myrcene which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to relieve pain.

Sour Diesel with Myrcene and Limonene

A highly coveted Sativa strain, Sour Diesel, can be characterised by its energizing effects and dank aroma with hints of citrus. The combination of limonene and Sativa genetics are what help this strain to provide users with stress relief and boost in mood. Limonene also improves absorption of other terpenes, such as myrcene which is also found in Sour Diesel and responsible for providing pain relief. This strain is a potent choice for individuals suffering from chronic fatigue, depression or anxiety thanks to its ability to invigorate the mind and leave the body pain free.

Dutch Treat with Terpinolene

An Indica-dominant Amsterdam staple, Dutch Treat has a sweet and earthy aroma and flavor with hints of pine notes. This is common among strains high in terpinolene, which is found in a variety of fragrant plants. Responsible for providing antioxidant and sedative qualities, terpinolene helps to sooth the central nervous system and lends itself to the benefits of this strain. As a strain with an 80:20 Indica to Sativa ratio, Dutch Treat provides a potent and euphoric cerebral high that lifts the user, while providing deeply relaxed body effects to manage pain and insomnia.

Northern Lights with Caryophyllene

A well known North American strain, Northern Lights is a potent inbred descendant of original Afghani landrace strains. This strain has a sweet and earthy aroma and boasts heightened amounts of the terpene caryophyllene. Caryophyllene is a powerful terpene linked to pain relief, anti-inflammatory benefits and even reduced onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. With the inclusion of this terpene, plus potent THC levels and pure genetics, Northern Lights is a great medical strain that provides a mixture of upbeat euphoria and physical relaxation to assist with many mental disorders as well as headaches, migraines, insomnia and pain.

Strawberry Cough with Pinene

This strain gets its name from the sweet strawberry aroma and flavor combined with a heavy smoke that can make even the most experienced tokers cough. A Sativa-dominant strain, Strawberry Cough is high in the terpene pinene which has potent anti-inflammatory benefits and boosts alertness, working alongside the Sativa genetics for an all-day buzz. The effects are purely cerebral with an uplifting and energizing euphoric experience that can brighten the darkest depression and whisk away stress and fatigue.

Granddaddy Purple with Linalool

Granddaddy Purple is an Indica-dominant strain that is almost always recognizable by the grape and berry aroma and flavor. Granddaddy Purple contains a particularly high amount of linalool, as well as the terpene humulene, which add to the anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits. Commonly found in lavender, linalool is a calming terpene that blends well with the Indica-dominant genetics of this strain to provide overwhelming physical relaxation to the user. This strain also offers a pleasant boost in mood to help manage stress and depression. In addition, while most Indica strains produce the munchies, the presence of humulene actually causes appetite suppression for individuals looking to manage their weight or blood pressure.

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