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New Age Spas – The Inclusion of Cannabis (Demo)

With the recent boom of the cannabis industry, this amazing flower has slowly crept into many other industries. From travel and tourism, with the rise of new cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast locations and events such as cannabis bike tours in places like Oregon, and now to spas. While some spas have been healing with hemp for years, cannabis is being increasingly offered at spas to improve the customer experience.

Cannabis in Spas

So how does cannabis improve the customer experience? Well, you aren’t likely to be getting high with your masseuse, but many spas are embracing cannabis products to help improve healing. Products such as CBD creams and CBD-infused massage oils are becoming more and more popular to extend the healing effects of massage therapy, and other spa treatments, and provide further relief to clients.

You may be thinking why now? Why cannabis? These products have been long touted for their healing effects and ability to bring relief, but with the negative stigma surrounding cannabis, it has been hard for many industries and therapists to include it in their treatment methods. That is, until now.

With cannabis being legalized throughout various states in the USA – and with legalization coming to Canada in a few short months – there has never been a better time for spas to embrace the inclusion of cannabis therapies within their existing services.

Why Cannabis?

So what is the benefit of including cannabis-infused packages? Well, firstly, it gives many spas (and other businesses) the chance to “cash-in” on the cannabis industry – as well as improve the services offered to their clients.

As the community is now pushing for legalization, it is apparent that people want to have access to this plant – and all that comes with it! This includes the healing effects that this herb or concentrates made from it (distillates, creams and even pills) can have on the body.

In most cases, these benefits are offered in CBD-infused topicals such as massage-oil or creams, which help to target inflammation and pain in problem areas (back, neck, joints, etc). CBD is a non-psychoactive component in cannabis, which has been proven to have multiple healing and preventative effects.

Some of the incredible benefits of CBD include:

  • Regulation of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. This assists in combating schizophrenia and other psychosis symptoms as well.
  • Reduction of anxiety by quieting overactive areas of the brain. This also helps to reduce seizures by quieting activity in the brain that can cause episodes.
  • Mitigating symptoms of depression by acting on neurotransmitters.
  • Managing pain by blocking pain signals and reducing inflammation in the cells.
  • Reducing oxidative stress and free radicals in the brain to prevent cell decay.

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While it might seem odd that you could reap all those benefits from a little bit of cream, it has proven to be quite effective. As topical creams do not have to go through the digestive system or bloodstream, they tend to work very fast. In one study published in 2016, it was found that transdermal CBD gel can significantly reduce joint swelling. While the study was based on symptoms of arthritis, it proves the effectiveness of CBD on joint pain.

There are other spas, which not only offer CBD but also alternatives such as hash baths or even a THC-infused massage experience for customers who may be interested. Some spas may even take it a step further with cannabis-friendly lounges. However, given the non-psychoactive nature of CBD, it will likely remain the more popular option in the realm of spa experiences.

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