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How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery (Demo)

The world has conveniently moved on from e-cigarettes with disposable batteries to ones with lithium-ion polymer battery. The polymer batteries are rechargeable, making it handy for the frequent vapers. Well, the manufacturers claim that the life of a battery is about 300 charging cycles. But, have you noticed that the battery of your vape does not last for long as it used to? Or maybe you want to extend the life of your battery and improve its performance? Here are a few helpful and handy tips to achieve an extended life of your vaporizer battery.

1. Turn it off immediately after using:

Like for any other device with a battery, shutting your vape off immediately after use can save battery life. A majority of new devices that are surfacing into the market have firing button locks along with sleep mode. Although the sleep option is convenient for it instantly wakes the vape, without making you wait. But, the sleep mode drains the battery of your vape passively. The best way to ensure that the battery lasts longer is by shutting it off completely when they are not in use, rather than putting it on sleep.  

2. Store properly:

The way you store the batteries of a vape can have an impact on their lives. Keeping them out in the open in moisture, or the car on a sunny day, or even in cooler temperatures can take a toll on the performance of a battery. To keep them healthy and running for long, you need to make sure that you store them away from moisture and direct heat. You must keep them in a safe place to avoid mishap such as dropping and damaging them.             

3. Avoid overcharging:

The most common mistake that we tend to make is leaving the battery charger plugged in throughout the night. Such negligence can reduce its life. The similar concept holds when it comes to vape batteries. By letting the battery charge through the night, you make it prone to overheating and overcharging, which can lead to battery damage.

Hundreds of people are in the habit of leaving their electricals on charge at night, even if their batteries are at 80% charge. If you are doing the same to your vape battery, you are ultimately reducing its total capacity, which we often call “battery memory”. So, if you don’t want your vape to last for lesser time, charge only when it reaches about 30-40%.  

4. Use your pen regularly:

Just like a phone battery, the battery of your e-cigarette will thrive when you use it frequently. If you do not want your vape pen to get weak with time then you must ensure its regular use. If you keep it under use regularly, then there is no reason that your highs with this vape pen will be any lesser than the high from a Rockstar strain. Although there can be plenty of things you can do while charging your vape, the best way to prolong the life of vape battery is by vaping frequently. In simpler terms, more puffs give it an increased lifespan. It doesn’t mean that you must vape endlessly, but just that you must keep the devices in use if you need the battery to its full course.

5.  Keep the battery clean:

The batteries in a vaporizer can get dirty with regular use. It takes continuous journeys in and out of your pocket, and then there are those dreadful e-liquid spills, making it into a grimy combination. E-liquid, e-juice or even vape liquid is the liquid that fuels your vape and gives you the high. The CBD vape oil that you use comes from plants which are grown from high-grade marijuana seeds.      

You can notice dust and other coverings on the threads that connect the vape to the cartomizer or clogging the holes under the threading. If you do, your vape might need a thorough cleaning. The blockage can prevent your vape from working properly by making the battery work harder than required and thus limiting its life. So, to keep it running well, give the vape a good cleaning with a cotton swab.

6. Charge them before storing:

There can be times when you decide you keep your vape away for a few weeks or maybe even months. Before you put your e-cigarette away, make sure that you charge it to full. If you keep it without full battery, it will drain slowly while the vape is in storage. So, the next time you charge it before using, the battery will need to work harder to get charged fully. Putting it through extra work can decrease the overall lifespan of the battery, and you will need to replace the battery soon. Also, do not use the battery to its full capacity, always charge when it reaches 30% capacity.    

7. Remove the cartomizer:

The cartomizer includes the battery of an e-cigarette, and it completes the circuit. Leaving the cartomizer for a long period when the vape is not in use can cause the battery to drain passively. So, if you think you are not going to use your vaping device for a while, make sure you take out the cartomizer. It will save up on the battery and gives it a longer life. 

8. Rotate the batteries:    

Well if you have more than one set of batteries with you, it is essential to put all of them to use regularly. Most people carry around a spare battery in case the first one runs out, but that hardly ever happens. So the spare one keeps traveling in your pocket or bag, without your actually using it. If you only use the extra battery in case of an emergency, you are unintentionally wearing it down. In order to keep all of your batteries in use, rotate them frequently.  

If you are a regular smoker, your vape is more like an investment. From picking the right vaping pen to a battery, and even the flavour of e-juice, you like to have the best. If you are spending plenty of time and effort in getting the right vape, you ought to make the most of it. By taking good care of the vape battery and the vaping pen itself, you can save a ton of money on replacing the batteries in the long run.

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