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5 Benefits of Vaporizing Marijuana (Demo)

Another alternative to smoking

In a world where the marijuana industry is constantly growing, it shouldn’t come as a shock that there are many ways to consume cannabis. As an alternative to smoking, one of these options is to consume cannabis in the form of edibles, which can be anything from brownies made with cannabutter to THC gummies. Another alternative to smoking that still includes the act of inhaling, is vaporizing marijuana.

A vaporizer is a device that turns cannabis oil into vapor. These devices work via battery, which generates power for the heating element to warm up the oil or herb enough that it turns into vapor – not smoke. Many of these vaporizers have removable cartridges, which allow you to use different strains by changing out the cartridge.

There are many benefits to vaping cannabis vs smoking or consuming it in edible form.

5. Vaporizing Marijuana Produces More Flavor

One of the most coveted benefits of vaporizing marijuana is that it preserves the flavor of your buds. As vaping does not burn the herb, it does not produce the same smoky or burnt taste that can be accompanied by smoking a joint. In addition, burning the bud results in a loss of terpenes, which not only produce the flavor but also have a variety of therapeutic properties that you can benefit from better when vaped.

4. Vaping Is Easy

Even some of the most experienced pot smokers don’t know how to roll a joint. That is another great benefit of vaporizers. They are easy for anybody to use! You just fill the chamber with dry herbs or concentrates, like oil, and away you go. No more need to struggle through rolling a joint, or having someone do it for you.

3. Vaping is Discreet

While marijuana is becoming more acceptable than in previous years, smoking marijuana still produces a fair bit of smoke and a lingering odor. This is different from vaporizing marijuana, which produces a lot less of a cloud. While the odor is still there with some vape pens or concentrate options, in a lot of cases when vaping with oil and a quality pen, the smoke is odorless and it disappears quickly. One of our most recommended options for discretion is Clear Distillate, which produces no smell or flavor and can be easily bought in our online cannabis dispensary.

2. Vaping Uses Less Cannabis Than Smoking

A study conducted by California NORML and MAPS concluded that that vaporizers convert 46% of the THC into vapor compared to an average joint, which converts less than 25%. Due to the lack of other substances mixing with the vapor, and the way it is heated, vaporizing marijuana often produces a stronger high as more THC gets inhaled. In addition, 95% of the THC is absorbed in the first few seconds – so if you are a first time vapor, take it slow. Especially if the vape pen contains a concentrated form, such as oil, as those few seconds will have a far greater concentration of THC than the herb itself. For a potent option, try Phoenix Tears.

1. Vaping is Better For Your Health

Not surprisingly, one of the main benefits of vaporizing marijuana is that it is better for your immediate, and future health. Even though cannabis is a safe substance, the combustion of marijuana can produce carcinogens, especially if you use rolling papers that contain tobacco. This is where vaporizers come in! They were designed to bypass this issue by heating the oil at a lower temperature, so as not to create combustion but to still produce an inhalable vapor. Additionally, a lot of people find that they feel better when they vape as opposed to smoking, thanks to the lack of hazardous smokes. While smoking marijuana does not lead to cancer the same way as smoking cigarettes can, a lot of people do struggle with smoking and find that they breathe easier if they switch to vaping.

Lastly, many vape pens run off of batteries than can be easily charged through nearly any USB outlet. If there is anything that the world has a lot of these days, it is USB outlets! Many of these pens have easily removable cartridges so, when you run out, you are able to buy medical marijuana online and easily restock your pen.

If you think vaporizing marijuana is for you, check out our online cannabis dispensary and shop our Compassion Concentrates. Remember to start slow as vaping is notorious for being harder to dose and very strong to new users! Once you get a handle on it, we are sure you will be happy to never roll another joint again.

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