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Finding The Perfect Marijuana Strain (Demo)

Whether you are a beginner or a cannabis-connoisseur, finding that perfect marijuana strain can be a challenge! The rapid expansion of the industry has brought many new growers and breeders who are adding more strains and options every day – and it can be overwhelming! Fortunately, we are here to help you on your quest to finding the perfect strain for you. Let’s start at the basics.

What is Marijuana?

To put it simply, marijuana (also known as cannabis, weed, pot) is a plant and is closely related to hemp. This plant comes in many varieties and can be grown indoors or outdoors, depending on the strain. Cannabis comes in four main varieties: Hemp, Sativa, Indica and Hybrid options. Hemp is seperate from cannabis in that it does not have any psychedelic properties and has different uses then the plants from which medical marijuana is derived. Cannabis plants fall into the other three categories in that they have either Sativa, Indica or Hybrid genetics.

Sativa-Dominant Strains

Sativa plants are typically taller and more narrow than their Indica cousins. These strains have longer flowering cycles and are better suited for warm environments. As unique as they are physically, they are equally unique with the effects they bring. Pure Sativa or Sativa-dominant hybrids leaves the user feeling alert and uplifted. These strains are characterised by being perfect for the daytime due the energizing effects.

Indica-Dominant Strains

Indica plants are opposite from Sativa in that they are shorter in stature with broader leaves. These plants have a shorter flowering cycle and typically do better in colder climates than Sativa plants. Pure Indica or Indica-dominant hybrids are known to have couch-lock effects. In fact, a good way to remember is Indica means “in-da-couch”. These strains provide deep relaxation and work great as a sleep aid, appetite stimulant and are excellent for pain relief. These strains are excellent for nighttime or evening use.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are typically a mix of Sativa and Indica genetics. Most hybrids will be either Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant, but there are a few that are 50/50. For most hybrids, the effects will lean more towards Sativa or Indica effects.

Choosing the Right Strain

Now that you understand the basic differences between the three strain options, it is time to make a decision about what strain is best suited to you. Regardless of whether you like the energizing effects of Sativa, the relaxation of an Indica or a blend of both, there is a marijuana strain out there for everyone.

The first thing to do is determine your goal with marijuana. Are you trying to relieve pain? Beat fatigue? Get a better night’s rest? This is very important as it will help to narrow down the different strain options that might work for you.

Euphoric Feeling

If you are looking for that happy feeling or sense of euphoria, Sativa or hybrid options are typically the best. A few strains that stand out for this effect include:

  • Sour Diesel – Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is commonly used to relieve anxiety, depression and fatigue due to the potent Sativa effects and accompanying lively head high.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet taste. This strain has a powerful high that brings happiness and euphoria as well as relaxation to the user. Click here to order!
  • OG Kush – OG Kush is a classic strain from Southern California that is a near-even hybrid with 55% Sativa / 45% Indica genetics. The cerebral high is the perfect boost for battling depression and managing anxiety. This is accompanied by a heavy body high ideal for treating pain and nausea.
  • Grand Daddy Purple – Grand Daddy Purple is an Indica-dominant strain with a serious kick to it for both body and mind. This strain delivers almost overwhelming physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria.
  • Chemdawg – Chemdawg is a near-even hybrid. With 55% Indica and 45% Sativa genetics, this strain delivers on both fronts beginning with a cerebral head high sure to drive creativity and bring happiness. From there, this strain fades into a sleepy body high to fight insomnia and reduce stress. Click here to order!



Pain Relief

For those of you who are looking for pain relief, Indica’s are a great place to start. Some strains that are particularly well received for relieving pain are:

  • Rockstar – As a 70% Indica / 30% Sativa, this strain has a positive cerebral head rush resulting in an uplifted mood. As this high builds, users experience a powerful body buzz and full-body relaxation, without the sedation. Rockstar is a favorite for headaches, pain and sleeping disorders. Click here to order!
  • Trainwreck – Trainwreck is a mixture of two Sativa and one Indica strain resulting in an 80% Sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain has a mellow body high accompanied by an energizing and creative cerebral high ideal for managing pain, stress and PTSD.
  • Purple Rhino – Purple Rhino is a combination of two Indica strains and delivers a heavy body high perfect for the end of a hard day. This strain is ideal for managing pain and insomnia as it relaxes the body and rocks you to sleep. Click here to order!
  • Afghan Kush – This is a highly potent and powerful Indica with equally powerful pain relief. This strain will numb away all physical pain and keep the user couch locked and relaxed.
  • Grape God – Grape God is an Indica-dominant hybrid from Grapefruit and God Bud genes. This strain is ideal if you’re looking to beat pain, boost mood and de-stress your mind.

Click here to browse more options for pain management.

Relieve Insomnia

If you are like many individuals, you might be suffering from insomnia and looking for help. Fortunately, cannabis is a great option to help manage insomnia! Indica-dominant strains are the best for this issue and a few to start with would be:

  • Grape Ape – This strain is a near pure Indica with moderate to high THC levels. This strain has a profoundly relaxing body high that results in couchlock and helps the user fade into a deep, peaceful sleep.
  • Skywalker OG – Skywalker OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a heavy high that leaves the user couch-locked. This strain begins with a euphoric head high before coming down into a deep body high. Skywalker is ideal for relieving stress and insomnia, plus it comes with a mean sense of the munchies to help manage appetite. Click here to order!
  • Berry White – Berry White is considered a 100% pure Indica to many consumers, though exhibits both Sativa and Indica effects. This strain is quick hitting with immediate relaxation, which leads into couchlock and the munchies along with a mild cerebral high. This strain is ideal for chronic pain, stress and insomnia.
  • Banana Kush – This strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that gives an applaudable high but is very sleep-inducing. In fact, people usually find it nearly impossible to stay awake for long after partaking. Click here to order!
  • Purple Kush is a popular strain for those suffering from insomnia. The 22% THC level and 100% pure Indica genetics results in a euphoric and relaxing high to lead you into a deep and powerful sleep. Click here to order!

Click here to learn more about relieving insomnia with cannabis.

Fight Depression

If you are suffering from depression, most individuals find a Sativa to be a good option for lifting mood and providing an energy boost. A few strains that stand out for fighting depression include:

  • Quantum Kush – This strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with strong effects that result in relaxation and a clear mind. It is perfect for those who suffer from depression, appetite loss, nausea, fatigue and chronic pain. Click here to order!
  • White Widow – White Widow is a hybrid strain composed of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics and is especially good at managing depression, stress and PTSD. If you’re looking for a strain to help you relax and unwind, without the mental fog, White Widow is for you!
  • Northern Lights – Northern Lights – This strain is a pure Indica and one of the worlds most popular strains. It has powerful effects that reveal themselves as a mixture of euphoria and physical relaxation/ This is a beneficial medical strain thanks to its ability to treat anxiety, pain, insomnia and lack of appetite.
  • Super Jack Super Jack is an extremely potent 100% pure Sativa that sets the tone for the day. This strain has an uplifting and energizing cerebral high ideal for battling fatigue and depression. Click here to order!
  • Maui Waui – Maui Wowie is a Sativa-dominant strain from, you guessed it, Hawaii! This strain has a hard-hitting euphoria to boost creativity and leave your mind and body buzzing!

Click here to learn more about fighting depression with cannabis.

Beat Fatigue

If you are looking to beat fatigue, this is another area where a strong Sativa will come in handy. A few options to get you started include:

  • Green Crack – Containing a sativa:indica ratio of 65:35, Green Crack results in a particularly cerebral high accompanied with a jolt of energy and a boost in mood. Green Crack is favored by users due to the ability spark creativity and manage anxiety and depression. Click here to order!
  • Jack Herer – Jack Herer is an upbeat Sativa-dominant that results in a heady high complete with a happy, bubbly mood and a spur of creative energy. This strain promises to help you maintain a focused, clear-head while you get busy with your day.
  • Pineapple Express – This is another Sativa-dominant strain that is very popular thanks to the film. This strain has a mild body buzz, but also energizes the user to generate creativity and focus for the day.
  • Chocolope – This is the perfect strain for your wake-and-bake ritualas it is a highly potent Sativa-dominant strain. It does pack a punch and can be overwhelming to individuals who are new to smoking or to sativas. Click here to order!
  • Lemon Haze – This is a hard-hitting Sativa-dominant strain that leaves the user feeling euphoric and energized throughout the day

Click here to learn more about beating fatigue with cannabis.

Manage Stress

Almost everyone on the planet suffers from stress in one form of another, but you don’t need to suffer alone. Cannabis can be a great way to help manage stress and even reduce the effects of chronic stress. Here are a few strains to get you started:

  • Blue Dream – Blue Dream is a near-perfect Indica/Sativa blend. This strain starts off with an electrifying, energic high that is accompanied by body relaxation to leave you stress and pain free. Available in shatter, click here to order!
  • Durban Poison – Durban Poison has a clear, focused head high ideal for conquering depression, anxiety and even PTSD. Due to the deep, intense focus provided by this strain, it can sometimes be overwhelming for beginners so use with caution.
  • Sour Diesel – Sour Diesel is a 90% Sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain is commonly used for managing anxiety, depression and battling chronic fatigue thanks to its invigorating cerebral boost!
  • MK Ultra – Despite being an Indica-dominant strain, MK Ultra has powerful cerebral effects that instantly calms the nerves and relaxes the body, making the user feel somewhat drowsy. Perfect for relaxing after a long day! Click here to order!
  • Blue Cheese – Blue Cheese is another Indica-hybrid that produces heavy effects to relax the user and help fade away stress, pain and even muscle spasms.

Boost Appetite

While a lot of heavy Indica strains and hybrids can result in “the munchies” and a boost in appetite, there are a few strains that do it particularly well:

  • Purple Kush – Purple Kush is a 100% pure Indica strain and delivers on it. It starts with a blissful and euphoric head high that moves into a soft physical relaxation to leave you pain free – and hungry! Click here to order!
  • Skywalker OG – Skywalker OG is ideal for relieving stress and insomnia, plus it comes with a mean sense of the munchies to help manage appetite. Click here to order!
  • Sensei Star – Sensi Star is one of the most potent Indica strains around. In fact, it has one over 15 cups in major competitions! This strain is a heavyweight that hits hard and leaves the user extremely couch locked and craving snacks.
  • Bubba OG – Bubba OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid. The high from this strain is potent body effects that can reduce stress, encourage sleep and spark a case of the munchies as well. Click here to order!
  • Black Widow – Black Widow is a perilously potent strain with Sativa-dominant genetics. As a result, this strain has an exceptional head high with intense euphoria, deep relaxation and a killer case of the munchies!

Click here for additional strains that are successful at boosting appetite!

Buy Cannabis Online

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