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Date Night? Try These Cannabis Strains (Demo)

There are many benefits to couples using cannabis together, including amping up the intimacy, improving mood and maintaining your connection. So, when it comes to date night what are the best strains? Well, it depends on your plan! Here is a rundown of a few favourites:

First Date – Blue Dream

If you’re about to go on a First Date, or you and your girlfriend are trying something new, Blue Dream is an excellent strain for calming the nerves and helping you keep your cool. A 50/50 hybrid, this strain offers a little of both providing an electrifying and energetic high with soft body relaxation. The combination effects are perfect for giving you a confidence boost and a little pep in your step to help you make a good impression!

Blue Dream is a popular option for many cannabis users and is available through many mail-order marijuana services and dispensary storefronts.

Tried & True – OG Kush

OG Kush is an excellent strain if you’re looking to make a good impression on date night – whether it is your first or fiftieth date, OG Kush is sure to amp up the fun factor! Loved by most users who try it, OG Kush is perfect for generating an upbeat and happy mood, while also providing gentle body relaxation. Easily enjoyed during a movie, picnic or friendly get together, this strain is sure to bring about laughter and smiles.

This strain is easy to find but beware – OG Kush can be quite potent so is best consumed with a partner who has some cannabis experience.

Making Magic – Moby Dick

Euphemisms aside, Moby Dick is an excellent strain that can work magic on date night. The Sativa-dominant genetics produce a strongly euphoric, creative high with an upbeat mood. The cerebral effects make this strain a enjoyable choice when trying new things together – such as cooking up a new dish, exploring local trails, visiting museums or trying some other creative activity together. Moby Dick is perfect for creating that magical feeling and can help bring you closer together.

This strain is a little less common than the others on this list, but can be found online in flower and shatter forms!

Sexy Times – Sour Diesel

If you have an intimate evening planned for date night with the end goal of some amorous love-making, Sour Diesel should be your top choice. As a Sativa-dominant strain, Sour Diesel produces a rush of cerebral energy and euphoria that is easily directed into intense intimacy. This strain is excellent for individuals looking to let go and sink into desire as it electrifies each touch and energizes the mind and body for longer-lasting fun.

This strain is popular and easily accessible in storefronts and through mail-order marijuana services – it even comes pre-rolled!  

Intimate Evening – Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a legendary, Indica-dominant strain that does not disappoint. This strain has potent effects, which include an intense cerebral high which is both euphoric and numbing resulting in mild psychedelic effects. The intense effects and tasty grape flavor of Granddaddy Purple are sure to send you into a state of bliss and relaxation, which is ideal for cuddling under the stars or in front of the fire.

This strain is very common and easy to find in most online cannabis dispensary shops.

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