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8 Ways To Counter an Intense Cannabis High (Demo)

Any cannabis user, especially the experienced ones, have experienced being a little too high. This can happen for a number of reasons; maybe the strain was more than you bargained for or you took too hard of a hit and now you’re freaking out a little. Don’t worry! There are fortunately several ways to counter an intense high.

1. Don’t Panic

It is easy to become overwhelmed when your cannabis experience has resulted in an intense high, but don’t panic. You are fine, and everything is okay. These symptoms will dissipate within a few minutes to a few hours. Until then, we have a few suggested for how to pass the time or to counteract an intense cannabis high.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water is the most recommended beverage to counter an intense high, but if you prefer juice or some other non-caffeinated beverage that is okay too. Sipping water will not only combat dry mouth, but also help you focus. Drinking a couple glasses of water serves as a great distraction. Plus, it is a simple function making it easy to accomplish when you are too high. Make sure to avoid alcoholic beverages though. It might seem logical that they would bring you down, but it will only drag you further down the rabbit hole. If you must partake, it is best to wait until your high has settled.

3. Raid Your Spice Shelf for Black Pepper

Black pepper sounds like an old wives tale, but many individuals swear by it – including Neil Young! All you have to do is sniff the peppercorns or even chew on a few and it will help level out your senses.

Scientists speculate this works due to the terpenes naturally found in black pepper. These interact with those that the cannabis introduced in the body via the “entourage effect”. This relationship works to stabilize the effects of THC.

4. Have Some Food

If the munchies haven’t already taken over, eating is a great way to counter an intense high. The theory behind this is that fatty foods bind with cannabinoids, thereby helping them to be metabolized quicker. Additionally consuming food increases blood flow to the stomach, pulling it from the brain, which reduces THC’s effects.

Either way, say yes to burger and fries or some pizza!

5. Take A Walk

Fresh air is a great way to counter an intense high. If you are not too far gone, take a walk around your neighborhood. The movement will get your blood pumping to help invigorate you and improve your focus. Plus the endorphin’s generated from a brisk walk will boost your mood and help take the edge off.

However, if you are feeling light-headed or woozy, we suggest you jump to #8.

6. Take a Shower or Have a Bath

It is not always an option if you are out with friends, but if you are home a cold shower or relaxing bath might be just the ticket! Cold showers aren’t the most pleasant experience, but they are ideal for bringing focus to the body and clearing the mind. If standing in the shower (or bathing in cold water) is too daunting, a hot bath is another great option. After all, it is hard not to be relaxed when you are surrounded by lavender bubbles.

If neither of these are an option, try splashing cold water on your face. It will have a similar effect to a cold shower, helping focus your senses, reduce body temperature and lower your heart rate.

7. Distract Yourself

Another good way to counteract an intense high is to distract yourself – even ride the wave a bit. Some great ways to do this are to watch a funny movie or cartoon, jam out to your favorite artist, play a game, even draw or color! Anything to help focus and distract your mind.

8. Take A Nap

If all else fails, taking a nap is a great way to pass the time until the high passes.

Allow yourself 30 minutes to rest (set an alarm) and then see how you feel when you wake up. Any longer and you may find yourself sleeping through the rest of the day, or being too groggy to want to do anything else.

While it is probably too late if you’re reading this now, use this experience as a lesson to stay within your limits when consuming cannabis. Always consume with friends who don’t pressure you and start out slow if you are new to smoking or edibles. For example, a standard dose of 10mg is a good start for edibles. Ensure that you give yourself one to two hours to feel the effects. If you are smoking, taking an occasional hit off of your joint or vaporizer instead of passing back and forth for an hour. Inhale small amounts at a time and see how you feel. If you do end up overdoing it, remember our tips to counter an intense high.

Also, if you are the one buying, make sure to always get your medical marijuana in Canada from a quality source, whether a local dispensary or a well-reviewed mail-order marijuana service! Check out our frequently asked questions for more information on how to buy cannabis online.

Cannabis is very enjoyable when done properly. There is nothing wrong with taking it slow and moderating your intake to ensure the best experience possible!

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Have sex it works well just go at it a few hours and your buzz will be gone also try 69 with her its more fun when your stoned and she will love it

I can`t get high like that anymore. 🙁 I hit a plateau and that’s it. I heard CBD helps if you have any on hand though.

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