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CBD and Mental Health (Demo)

Cannabis is an excellent alternative treatment for mental health. More than 80 active cannabinoid chemicals present in cannabis interact with various receptors in the body. The main element which has a psychoactive influence is THC. It interacts with CB1 receptors in the brain.

There are several varieties of cannabis available today. The more common way of using it is by smoking it. Marijuana contains THC which is responsible for getting the smoker ‘high’ and provides them relief from depression and anxiety.

However, people suffering from mental illnesses should rather adopt other means of consuming cannabis. Several people suffering from psychiatric illnesses have found relief using this herbal drug. Because smoking and eating cannabis edibles can elevate the symptoms, one of the best and safest marijuana products is CBD oil. It is free from psychoactive properties and is fast gaining popularity. The interaction level of CBD with the same receptors with which THC interacts is several times weaker. Moreover, it doesn’t have any influence on thoughts and perceptions of the user.

CBD oil is extracted from the resin glands on cannabis flowers and buds. The fibrous and industrial form of cannabis, hemp, is also a source for CBD. Hemp consists of buds and THC (0.3% or less).

Using CBD for mental health

So how does CBD work? It works by having an influence on the endocannabinoid system, which is related to several activities taking place in the human body like pain perception, immune system, nervous system, appetite etc. The endocannabinoid system manages the impact of external influences on the internal environment of the body, constantly trying to maintain a balance. Its affects the brain by regulating the neurotransmitters.

An imbalance in the neurotransmitters causes mental illnesses. Cannabidiol is incredible in influencing the healthy processes of communication activities in the brain. Thus, CBD is an effective means of treatment for mental illness.


CBD is widely used as a natural treatment for curing anxiety.  It has been found that it has the ability to reduce the duration and strength of anxiety prior to public speaking.

Bipolar Disorders

CBD derived from hemp or strains containing the oil in a higher percentage are extremely effective as mood stabilizers.  It is similar to a prescription drug ‘lamictal’. Patients have experienced significant improvements with only after 2- 3 weeks of treatment. Similar effects have been reported in patients suffering from depression.


There is evidence that CBD can be an effective treatment measure for psychosis. Multiple studies are being conducted which are trying to prove the potential of CBD as an antipsychotic drug.


Addiction to hard drugs calls for a difficult treatment. Several patients relapse after fighting through addiction. CBD has been found to be effective to fight opioid addictions. It can also decrease the rewards which facilitate impact of morphine.

It is true that CBD is a miracle drug in its true form. It has a bright future in the medical world. Several users have agreed that it helps them relax and lead a good lifestyle. Not only CBD but there are several other products and parts of cannabis, like cannabis seeds and strains, which are excellent in improving health. Try to research and gather information before opting for cannabis treatment.

Apart from helping them cope with mental illnesses, CBD is also an excellent option for people suffering from physical ailments like chronic pain, inflammation, epilepsy, MS and even acne!

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