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Cannabis for Cancer: The Research Behind using Cannabis for Cancer Related Treatments (Demo)

Cannabis has long lost the tag of just being a substance for getting high. It has been found out to be providing umpteen number of benefits to the body. There are more than 100 compounds, also called cannabinoids, that exist in the cannabis plant. The two most prominent out of these are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrochloride). CBD alone forms about 40% of the extracts of the cannabis plant, which is followed by the presence of THC.

There is no doubt that cannabis has psychoactive abilities. It does have the ability to make one high. However, the compound responsible behind this is THC. Although it has its share of importance, CBD, on the other hand, has the backing of research to prove that there are many uses to it.

CBD is proved to be useful in skin care. Leaving chapped lips untreated can lead to excess flaking, inflammation and soreness. In addition, if your lip issues are caused by angular cheilitis, the condition might be a symptom of more severe health problems, such as Chron’s disease,anemia, and some types of cancer. So, what are the CBD lip balm benefits? Fortunately, CBD lip balms, as the CBD oil will seal moisture in your lips, preventing them from becoming dry or flaky.

 In this article, we shall be laying our focus on the treatment of cancer-related problems and the use of cannabis in it. 

Cannabis as a Treatment for Cancer

Cancer is a life-threatening disease. In this, abnormal cells in the body proliferate uncontrollably. In the process, they destroy the body tissues and cause significant harm to the strength of the immune system of the body. A lot of research on the subject of the capability of cannabis on cancer treatment is ongoing across the world. However, some initial studies find the relationship between them. A study conducted in 2016 laid the foundation for the assertion that cannabis can be useful in treating cancer-related problems. It was found that the presence of cannabinoids in the plant work as an inhibitor of the tumor cells of different types in the body.

Another study claims that regular cannabis users had almost 50% lower the risk of contracting bladder cancer. Due to its antitumor effect, cannabis can serve as a way to cause inhibition of cell growth, cell proliferation death and prevent the invasion of tumor cells in the body. In the case of breast cancer treatment, CBD demonstrated a programmed cell death in the cell lines of breast cancer. It did so independently of vallinoid, CBD1 or CB2 receptors. The same findings also found a link between the inhibition of estrogen receptor-negative and estrogen-positive breast cancer cell lines.

CBD is also known to protect the DNA from the suffering of oxidative damage. It does so by increasing the endocannabinoid levels on consumption and reducing the cases of cell proliferation. In another study, the role of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) in cancer prevention became the point of research. The expression of ICAM-1 in tumor cells negatively correlates with cancer metastasis. In the case of lung cancer cell lines, CBD found in cannabis upregulates ICAM-1, thereby causing a decrease in the invasion of cancer cells.

There is another aspect to the use of cannabis in cancer treatment. Both endogenous and plant-derived cannabinoids from the cannabis plant demonstrate anti-inflammatory effects in the body. This property further helps in the treatment of cancer, especially in the case of colorectal cancer.

Having laid our focus on the direct use of cannabis in cancer treatment, let us now discuss its use in tackling the cancer-related symptoms. These largely include loss of appetite, pain, and nausea. 

Stimulation of Appetite

Almost all the people suffering from cancer suffer from a loss of appetite. This comes off as a significant concern since the body requires the consumption of essential nutrients to function correctly. Moreover, the body needs the right amount of energy to see through the different stages of cancer as well. Thus, loss of appetite can prove to be highly detrimental to the interests of the patients. This is where cannabis can provide a helping hand.

According to research, the presence of THC in cannabis helps regulate hunger and aid in the process of recovery. It also enables the body to maintain a healthy body weight in the case of severe adversity.

Provides Relief from Pain

As the timeline of the onset of cancer progresses, the pain increases. The patients might suffer from unbearable agony due to the nature of the ailment. Even during the treatment at the chemotherapy stage, the pain takes a lot of time to subside. The reason behind the cause of pain during cancer can be due to high inflammation, nerve injuries, and pressure on internal organs according to a study. It can become so severe in some cases that the painkillers like opioids seem ineffective.

The reason why cannabis can provide relief in these cases is that it acts on the CB2 receptors indirectly and reduces inflammation upon consumption. Similarly, CBD reacts with the CB1 receptors and lowers the pain related to nerve damage.

Helps Cure Nausea

The basic treatment of cancer in the present era involves the process of chemotherapy. Although it is effective when it comes to the treatment, it has its own set of side effects on the body.  One of the most common of these is that of nausea. It can also lead to patients suffering from vomiting. Cannabis comes off as a relief here due to its anti-nausea effects. THC and CBD play the role of inducing a decrease in the problem and help control the cases of nauseated conditions by keeping them to a minimum.

CBD is far less threatening than traditional medicines, which have a direct effect on the central nervous system.Visit Sabaidee to review some CBD products.

It is always best to consume cannabis responsibly. Hence, it becomes imperative to consult your doctor about the prescription of cannabis. This shall allow you to stay within the limits your body requires and genuinely benefit from its usage. To order cannabis and its products, online dispensary Canada can be your one-stop destination.

To conclude, cannabis can provide effective cancer treatment by inhibiting specific critical enzymes in the body. It appears to be an efficient way of promoting a healthy immune system and health at the same time. Hence, it is incumbent upon us to explore its use and benefits and shed our inhibitions surrounding cannabis to embrace a better lifestyle. 

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