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Camping with Cannabis (Demo)

Summer has officially started and that means it is camping season! This is the perfect time to hit up your favourite campground or try somewhere new. With plenty of long weekends to enjoy, such as Canada Day coming up on July 1st, it is the perfect opportunity for an outdoor adventure! While legalization is still fairly new in several US states (and slated for Canada later this year), camping with cannabis is nothing new. After all, who hasn’t toked outside their tent before? However legalization obviously makes it, well, legal!

Cannabis-Friendly Campgrounds

In fact, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan already has plans to legally allow campers to smoke at Saskatchewan provincial park campsites! While the consumption of recreational cannabis is still going to be banned in public places (such as parks), the Saskatchewan’s Cannabis Control Act has ruled a campsite as a private place.

This is already available in some US states, such as Oregon, which has a variety of cannabis-friendly campgrounds such as Smoke on the Water, a campground and lake resort in Selmac. Cannabis use is also legal in the Wilderness Bud & Breakfast and Fort420 Campground in Colorado, among several other sites. Washington, California and soon Saskatchewan are additional areas with cannabis-friendly camping.

We are likely going to see many other Canadian and US campgrounds and provincial parks take this same stance on recreational cannabis consumption, which means you no longer need to sneak around!

What Does This Mean for Campers?

The benefit of allowing cannabis, of course, stands with cannabis users who will now be able to enjoy their weed without having to try and hide what they are doing. So what does this mean for everyone else? Well, it depends.

Some places (such as Fort420) have classified themselves as “cannabis clubs”, with only legal age patrons allowed on site. These are great as there is no risk of running into anti-marijuana individuals and no risk of being exposed to marijuana, if you do not choose to be. Everyone who is there is on the same page. However, other campgrounds and parks may only offer 420-friendly zones or only at individual campsites (as with Saskatchewan’s proposed ruling), while others may choose to allow it through the entire property

It is important to be aware of the rules that different parks and campsites have before you book your next cannabis-friendly camping trip. Choose a spot that has rules and regulations that work for you to help ensure a pleasant experience. If you do choose to camp somewhere with 420-friendly zones or campsites, make sure to be respectful and only smoke in the designated areas. Also be aware that smoking cannabis on Federal land is still illegal and can result in a hefty fine!

What To Bring?

So you are planning your first cannabis-friendly camping experience and maybe you’re not sure what to bring. Well, we are glad you asked!

First and foremost, be aware of the legal rules surrounding what you are allowed to carry. The proposed rule in Canada, for instance, is that each individual is allowed no more than 30 grams of cannabis on them at one time. Different states and provinces may have their own rules, but be sure to stay within this. If you feel you will go through more than an ounce of flower during your trip, then have a friend bring some too! We have chosen a list of some great cannabis strains for camping:

Ideal Strains for Camping

  • Green Crack / Super Jack – These are both Sativa strains that are perfect for getting an early start to the day or for fueling a fun afternoon adventure!
  • Rockstar – This 70:30 Indica:Sativa strain boosts mood and relaxes the body, without leaving you sedated – perfect for sitting around the campfire at night!
  • Girl Scout Cookies – This is another great campfire strain thanks to its 60:40 Indica:Sativa ratio and mixed high resulting in euphoria and relaxing couchlock.
  • Purple Kush / Skywalker OG – When you’re ready for sleep, Purple Kush or Skywalker OG will get you there! These strains both have powerful Indica effects, perfect for helping you drift off.

If you are planning on hiking or backpacking, you probably won’t want to carry around a glass bong when you have precious little space for your items. In this case, a vape pen or rolled joints are ideal. However, if you are planning on sitting lakeside and soaking up the sun, you may choose to bring your bong. Generally, vape pens are the most discreet option for camping as they are odorless, flameless and generally do not bother other campers. However, there is nothing wrong with being a die-hard joint smoker or taking a bong hoot! Just be careful of any fire hazards and smell that may drift over to other campsites.

While the majority of Canadians (and US citizens) are tolerant of cannabis, with many having tried it at some point in their lives, cannabis is not for everyone. Even when it is legal, there is always a chance of running into people that do not appreciate the smell, or want it around their children. This is important as cannabis legalization continues to progress – and make its way into provincial parks, hotels, bed and breakfasts and even spas.

Always toke respectfully so that we may continue to enjoy our cannabis alongside beautiful parks and lakes, and see this industry continue to grow! Click here to browse our Online Cannabis Dispensary!

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