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Best Strains to Ring in The New Year (Demo)

New Years Eve is a time for reflection and celebration to close off the previous year and welcome the next one! While most people traditionally celebrate with champagne, we suspect that with legalization now in full swing, many individuals will be bringing in the New Year with buds instead of bubbly!

If you’re planning on reaching for cannabis instead of champagne, check out this lists of best strains to ring in the New Year:

Green Crack

Famous for a reason, Green Crack is a great strain for individuals looking to remain alert, energetic and focused throughout the evening! The cerebral euphoria, jolt of energy and boost in mood delivered by this strain will keeping you having fun with your friends until well after the ball drops.

Super Silver Haze

A Sativa-dominant cross between Northern Lights, Haze and Skunk, Super Silver Haze is sure to keep you going all night long! Producing an energizing body high, as well as a boost in creativity and mood, this strain is a great choice for both pre-party planning and helping you get into the groove! Users will also enjoy its fruity aroma and smooth taste.


Named for the hard-hitting effects, Trainwreck is a potent Sativa-dominant strain with a highly stimulating buzz that is perfect for a wild house party or exhilarating club celebration. The energizing and imaginative cerebral high matches well with ringing in the New Year – and also makes for great motivation to get you up-and-atter on New Year’s Day!

Bruce Banner

Offering a powerfully euphoric high, Bruce Banner is the perfect strain to keep you celebrating all night long! The combination of a strong creative high, increased energy and whole-body boost in mood is the ideal party partner for New Years Eve get togethers. Whether you’re dancing until the sun comes up or chilling at a house party, this strain is a great choice for keeping the fun alive!

Super Jack

Topping our list is the 100% pure Super Jack strain, which was derived by crossing equally potent Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer. This strain will set the tone for the entire New Year thanks to its uplifting and energizing effects that will leave you happy and focused on having a good time all night long!

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