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Best Strains For Your Favorite Workouts (Demo)

Cannabis tends to make every experience that much better – this includes exercise. However, not every strain is ideal for exercise (or moving at all, for that matter). If you are looking to amp up your exercise routine, there are specific strains that can help depending on your chosen workout. Remember, most exercises put extra strain on the lungs so it is best not to smoke prior to working out. Try a vaporizer instead as they one of the healthiest methods for consuming marijuana, and won’t exhaust your lungs pre-workout.

Here are our picks for the best strains for your favorite workout:

Best Weed for Running

Whether you are a hardcore runner or someone who hates the idea of cardio, we have the perfect marijuana strain to make it that much better – green crack. This strain is enormously potent thanks to its high THC levels (around 24%). As this is a Sativa-dominant strain, the effects are particularly cerebral with a jolt of energy and boost in mood. This strain is ideal for helping individuals get things done and is very stimulating.

This strain is great for all types of cardio, not just running. Cyclers and spin junkes can benefit from the energizing effects as well. Green Crack will not only give you extra motivation, but the uplifting effects are the perfect way to level up your runner’s high! Shop more energizing strains online at Fair Canna Care and learn how easy it is to buy weed online.

Best Weed for Weight Lifting

If you are someone like me who prefers weight lifting to cardio, then we have the perfect strain for you – Harlequin. This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, but is unique in that it has a lower THC concentration of around 10-15% but has high CBD content of up to 10%. Harlequin is great for helping with focus and patience, which is ideal when working on your form. It is easy to get lost in your reps, instead of counting down until home time.

Plus this strain will not leave you feeling overstimulated!

Best Weed for Yoga

For the yogi’s out there, cannabis can be a great addition for achieving mind, body and spiritual balance – if you have the right strain. One of the best options for yoga is Girl Scout Cookies.

This strain is popular for a reason; with its Sativa:Indica ratio of 40:60, Girl Scout Cookies has a euphoric and relaxing high that is perfect for introspection and assisting with keeping your body fluid during a routine. Be careful though, this strain has tested with up to 28% THC, so it can be easy to overdo it and be stuck on the couch!

Some other options that can be good for yoga includes Blue Dream. This strain is ideal for beginner yogis who may need some extra patience. Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant but comes with a heavy body high that is excellent for slowing you down and clearing your mind. Another option is Sour Diesel. This is a heavy Sativa that is perfect for keeping the user energized without over stimulating the brain; allowing for the necessary focus on movements and breathing.

Best Weed for Dancing

Anyone who has spent the night at a club, knows that dancing can be a great workout! However, joining a Zumba class can be intimating; the moves are hard to pick up at first and can often leave you feeling frustrated. Don’t give up just yet though! Sage ‘N Sour is a Sativa-dominant hybrid has a clear-headed cerebral high that will help you feel social and motivated, with a sense of creativity. This strain has a non-sedative and mild body buzz to help relax your limbs so you can get into the groove!

Best Weed for Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a fantastic (and fun) workout for athletes of all levels. If you are looking to energize your workout, or simply give it a kick, Super Jack is a great way to set the tone. As a 100% pure Sativa, Super Jack has immediate uplifting and energizing effects coupled with intense focus. This strain is not overwhelming but will give you an edge to get the most out of your punches!

Post-Workout Routine

Marijuana is well known for having powerful anti-inflammatory properties, but did you know it is extremely beneficial for muscle recovery? The National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine determined cannabis is beneficial for acute as well as chronic pain relief. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which occurs post-exercise, is one form of acute pain. Marijuana can delay DOMS, helping you recover and get back to the gym faster.

The best way to consume marijuana post-workout is through an edible, which is processed through the liver to produce a stronger cannabinoid known as 11-hydroxy-delta-9-THC. This is a more potent form of THC and the effects are longer lasting, giving it time to reduce inflammation and help manage muscle soreness.

Buy Weed Online

Check out the online cannabis dispensary shop at Fair Canna Care for all of your favourite workout strains, and more! Fair Canna Care makes it easy to buy weed online and offers a variety of options including bud, shatter, edibles, hash and distillates.

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Wow! Cannabis and my favorite workout is boxing! I agree that marijuana will really boost your energy to do the intense workouts! Nice post! Got to try weightlifting!

Cannabis tends to make every experience that much better this strain is great for all types of cardio, not just running and i i highly agree with that saying just for me.

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