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Best Cannabis Strains for Partying from your Online Cannabis Dispensary FairCannaCare (Demo)

We’ve all been to a good party (or a few bad ones) and smoking the right weed can make all the difference. Speaking of smoking… there are a few cannabis strains that are best for partying. Whether you are at the club or a raging house party – we have the perfect cannabis strains to ensure your party is lit.

Check out our list of the best cannabis strains for partying below. You can also check them out in our online cannabis dispensary and order some today!

Blue Diesel

Blue Diesel is a hybrid of the Blueberry and NYC Diesel strains. Bue Diesel is slightly more Indica-dominant, but has Sativa effects as well. This strain has a pleasant and fairly lasting body buzz. This strain is ideal for happy hour and perfect for relaxing the user in social settings, without putting them to sleep. Excellent for pre-drinks or holiday brunches that might need a little extra oomph!

Banana Kush

Banana Kush is a legendary Indica-dominant strain created by mixing Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. This flavorful hybrid tastes and smells like fresh bananas and is a potent appetite enhancer. This strain has an applaudable high, leaning towards the Indica-induced body effects. However, Banana Kush also has an accompanying Sativa buzz that provides a light sense of euphoria. This strain has been said to keep users talkative in social settings. Buy Banana Kush in our online cannabis dispensary today!

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze a popular Sativa-dominant strain with an 80:20 Sativa:Indica ratio. This hybrid results in the typical uplifting and happy effects you get from a Sativa. It is also combined with a soft body buzz. This strain is ideal for those who want a strong high but also wish to keep the obvious giddiness to a minimum. Excellent for family or work-related holiday functions!

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a 60% Indica-dominant hybrid bred from OG Kush, Durban Poison and Cherry Kush. This is a powerful strain with THC content of up to 28%, resulting in a high that can last for hours! The buds produce a mixture of happiness and euphoria as well as relaxing couch-lock body effects. The combination is an all-around winning strain sure to have you enjoying yourself at any event you attend. In addition, this strain is available in our online cannabis dispensary!

Sour Lemon OG

Sour Lemon OG is a Sativa-dominant hybrid bred from California Sour and Lemon OG. This strain has a very sour smell with citrusy notes of lemon, lime and a hint of apple. Sour Lemon OG is a very balanced strain for both the body and mind, elevating them together. The high begins with a strong cerebral rush that brings about motivation and energy. In addition, this strain is found to be very relaxing, without limiting your movement. Hency why Sour Lemon OG is a natural go-to for celebrations and social engagements!


Chemdawg is a 45% Sativa, 55% Indica hybrid that delivers on both accounts. This strain produces a clear head-high which drives creativity and is accompanied by a stony, sleepy body high to battle insomnia and relaxes the muscles. The intense, cerebral high is optimal for social settings. Plus, this great strain is available in our online cannabis dispensary!


Rockstar is an Indica-dominant hybrid from crossing Skywalker and OG Kush. The buds have notes of grape and spice and a flavor of spicy mulled wine to match. This is a 70% Indica / 30% Sativa combination, which results in a cerebral head rush to brings the user an uplifted mood and extreme happiness. This cerebral high is then accompanied by a strong body buzz and physical relaxation, without leaving you sedated.

Green Crack

This strain is an is enormously potent Sativa-dominant hybrid with THC levels around 24%. This strain has a hints of tropical and citrus flavors and results in a particularly cerebral high. This is accompanied by a burst of energy and uplifted mood. Green Crack is favored for its ability to spark creativity and help get things done. This strain is great for the host or hostess that needs a little extra help! This great strain is available in our online cannabis dispensary shop.

Purple Kush

Living up to the name, Purple Kush has an aroma that is earthy with hints of sweet grapes and a similar taste of earthy, red wine. This strain is a 100% Indica with an average THC level of 22%. This effects from this strain provide a blissful, long-lasting euphoric high that is uplifting. It is paired with soft physical relaxation, which makes this strain ideal for holiday get-togethers.


Chocolope is considered one of the best party strains for a reason. The buds have a sweet coffee flavor with earthy tones making it pleasant for the senses. However, toke lightly! This is a hefty 95% Sativa-dominant strain with a high concentration of THC. In fact, many smokers have called this strain a “blasting, euphoric experience that can make you forget everything”. This is what makes Chocolope perfect for parties. In addition, this favored strain is available in our online cannabis dispensary shop.

If you decide to give one (or more) of these strains a go, let us know what you think! The holidays are a great time to get creative and enjoy some afternoon relaxation. Fair Canna Care is a mail-order marijuana service that makes it easy to buy cannabis online for your next social function! Shop our products or contact us today.

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