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10 Amazing Things To Do While High (Demo)

Most people have developed certain habits when they are enjoying cannabis. While it’s cool to stick with what works, have you ever tried doing something that you wouldn’t normally do? Enjoying new experiences when lit can help revive your cannabis therapy – and take you to all new highs.

There are so many great activities to choose from, but here are some of our favorite things to do while high:

Things to do while High:

Watch a Funny Movie or Stand-Up Comedy

They do say “laughter is the best medicine” and nothing is better for laughter than the combination of marijuana and a solid comedy. Some good places to start include: The Big Lebowski, Pineapple Express, Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind… The list goes on and Netflix has endless options for comedic relief!

Plus, it is the perfect entertainment on a rainy evening.

Try Your Hand at Stargazing

Lookup! Way, way up. On a clear evening, grab a blanket and head outside and take a journey into the vastness of space. If you’re hanging out with a friend, challenge them to see just how many patterns or constellations you can find!

Don’t be afraid to get lost in the twinkling beauty of the universe.

Hit The Gym

If you are physically able, consider a sweat session the next time you get high. We know it isn’t the top of mind choice when you would rather veg out in your sweatpants, but it is amazing!  You can choose anything – yoga, push ups, jogging, indoor cycling, etc; the goal is to accomplish something.

Not to mention, the endorphins you get from a good workout can really complete your high.

Do Something Creative

Another great thing to do while high is to get creative! Try writing a poem or starting a novel. You may just find the story will seem to write itself.

If words aren’t your thing pull out some crayons or paint brushes and draw a picture. Even a coloring book can be great fun when you’re stoned! Take yourself back to a younger time when you had less worries and just get lost in the colors and textures.

Take A Walk Outside

Unless it is pouring rain, nature is a beautiful place to spend your time. Taking in that fresh air is a great way to clear your mind and stimulate your body.

Enjoy some quality quiet time to yourself in a park and marvel at the sounds, smells and colors. Or grab a friend hit up the trails for some outdoor adventure time!

Build A Fort

Who didn’t love building forts as a kid? The benefit of being an adult though, is that you get to build way cooler ones. You’ll need sheets, blankets and every pillow you own. Spruce it up with fairy lights to add a touch of magic, and don’t forget the munchies.

Then just lay back and enjoy hanging out in your zone.

Get Intimate

Getting it on while high is the ultimate sensual experience. I mean, sex is pretty great regardless but when you’re high, all your senses are heightened. Take advantage of your tingling skin and buzzing nerve endings and double down on the pleasure.

Plus, you can smoke another one after and make it the perfect segway to a nap.

Play A Game

Not that it isn’t fun to begin with, but have you ever played Monopoly or Jenga high? Because it is way more fun. You could even try your hand at Wii bowling and get your exercise in. Or challenge your mind a bit more with a cannabis-fueled chess game!

The possibilities are endless.


Meditation might not seem like that much fun, because anyone who has done it sober knows it is pretty boring… but not when you’re high! Not to mention, meditation is proven to be good for you! Much like cannabis, it can lower stress, relieve anxiety and reduce inflammation. It’s also known to boost creativity. So give your ganja a little kick and relax.

Relax deeper and deeper letting go off all the stress, pain and worry. Peel it away one layer at a time to reveal you. Just you.  It is amazing what you will find in that peace.

Play That Funky Music

This one is easy – just get lost in the music, man. You can enjoy the your tried and true tune picks, or take this opportunity to venture into new genres. Give new and interesting sound a chance to reverberate through your soul or get up and move to the groove!

So go on and play that funky music, white boy!

Medical marijuana is a great solution to many ailments thanks to its physical and cerebral effects. Regardless of whether you are using it for pain relief or recreation ally, don’t forget the list of things to do while high is never-ending.

If you are going to be relying on medical marijuana to assist you, why not take advantage of it?

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