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All About Hash (and How to Smoke It) (Demo)

Hash (also known as “Hashish”) is a type of cannabis concentrate. This particular concentrate is produced by separating the precious trichomes from the plant matter and converting this potent resin into a pressed product.

Trichomes are the resin glands that produce and contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids (THC, CBD) in the cannabis plant. These cannabinoids are what produce the high and other effects and benefits that cannabis has to offer.

History of Hash

Hashish has been around for many centuries and is believed to have originated in India where wild cannabis has grown freely for many years. It was then introduced to the Arabian peninsula during the 10th century and made its way to Europe at the beginning of the 18th century. Later, in the 20th century, Morocco became well-known for its quality of hash, but the biggest producer is still Afghanistan.

How Is It Made?

Hash has come a long way from its Indian roots with the production processes being greatly improved over the years. That is not to say that the old-fashioned technique of using heat and pressure to create bricks of product is outdated, but more recent technology known as “Master Sifter” has spread up the process by utilizing vibrations to remove the trichomes from the plant. This means that trichomes no longer need to be removed by hand. In addition, the mesh filters used in this new process also prevent any non-trichome material from getting through meaning that modern hash is much purer.

Types of Hash

Hash can come in a number of varieties, depending on the process used and the intended outcome of the product.

Bubble Hash – This particular hash uses ice water to freeze off the trichomes and remove them from the plant. This mixture is filtered through mesh screens a number of times to ensure that any non-trichome mater is removed before it is dried. Typically light or dark brown in color, Bubble Hash ranges from 70-80% THC.

Lebanese Hash – When producing this hash, growers typically leave the plants for an extended period of time resulting in drier material. These plants are then hung and rubbed over a unique fabric, which collects the resin. This is left to settle and then is pressure-formed into blocks or bricks. Many producers will stamp a brand emblem into the brick, which is meant to improve quality. Bricks are typically yellow or reddish-brown in color.

Royal Afghani (Royal Border Hash) – Afghanistan is one of the biggest producers of hash. This type of hash is produced from Indica plants, as opposed to Sativa, and uses a method similar to Bubble. Buds are placed in water or tea to ease the trichomes off and then it is pressed into slabs or balls. These bricks are typically dark brown on the outside with a rich green interior that is seen when it is broken open.

Indian Charas Hash – Originating in Indica, Charas Hash is closely linked with hinduistic practices. It is created using a hands on method, whereby the producer rubs the buds between their hands and the resin is then rolled into balls or pressed onto slabs. This hash is also typically dark brown or black on the outside with a rich green or light brown center.

Nepalese Hash – Originating from Nepal, this hash is also often handmade with the goal of producing a soft and gooey product, making it easy to smoke. It is not as popular today due to the changes in production methods, but it can be a real treat when found.

Moroccan Hash – Lastly, this product tends to be green or light brown in color. It is lightly aromatic and typically less potent than other forms of hash (around 30-40%). This type of hash has a mellow taste and is perfect for easy smoking, especially for beginners.

Benefits & Effects

Hash can be made using Indica, Sativa or Hybrid cannabis plants meaning the effects will vary depending on the classification of bud used. Sativa-dominant hash will produce an energetic and bubbly experience, while Indica-dominant products will produce heavy body relaxation.

The potency can range greatly from 30% THC to 80% THC, depending on the type of hash and the producer. However, as the main ingredient is kief (trichome resin), it does not take much to feel the effects even at a lower potency levels. Another benefit is that the effects are typically long-lasting. On setting immediately, the effects of hash typically peak around 30 minutes after of smoking but can be felt for up to 3 hours depending on the strength.

Lastly, many users report a less-groggy experience when using hash compared to flower and find that the effects are much clearer-headed, making it perfect for creative endeavors or daytime activities.

How to Smoke Hash

There are many ways to smoke this product, depending on what you have available to you and your preferences. Many users will simply place hash on top of dried flower in their bong or pipe and it works well sprinkled into a joint as well.

Be aware that this product is best smoked when on top of flower and in the center of your bowl/joint as it can burn when too close to the edges.

There are some additional methods that can be used to smoke hash, such as the use of a hot knife, or adding it into a herb vaporizer as well, however this should be left to more experienced individuals.

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