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All About Budder (Demo)

What is Budder?

Budder is a wax-type product, however it is similar to shatter and live resin in the consistency and how it is produced. Also like shatter, this particular cannabis concentrate gets its name from the consistency of the final product. The final consistency is typically between a solid and liquid form; it will not be as solid as shatter, but is not as runny as oil. It is generally thicker and resembles whipped butter or peanut butter.

As it is a concentrated form of cannabis, budder is a particularly potent product. In fact, most budder ranges between 70% and 90% pure THC. This is a lot when you consider that most cannabis bud ranges between 14% and 25% THC.

How Is Budder Produced?

Typically, budder is produced using a butane extraction process. This process uses butane in order to extract the desired compounds from the cannabis plant – such as THC, CBD or even terpenes when desired. Once these compounds have been stripped from the plant, they are then “purged” with air pressure and heat in order to remove the remaining solvents and any other unwanted compounds.

Depending on variations with the extraction and purging process, this butane extraction can produce many types of concentrates such as shatter, live resin and budder.

Budder Vs. Shatter

Budder and shatter are produced using a similar method, with slight variations that result in unique textures and smoothness depending on the type of finished product. In many instances, budder is known to have a more noticeable and appealing scent than shatter when burned. In addition, budder is typically more potent and more concentrated then shatter.

Best Ways to Consume Budder

The best and most common way to consume budder is with an oil rig or dab rig, much like shatter. The set-up on these “rigs” is similar to a bong as they have a glass pipe. The difference is that these rigs have a “nail” in place of the bowl, which is typically made of titanium or glass. This setup requires a blow torch or electric element in order to produce the 575 – 625 degree Fahrenheit temperature on the nail in order to vaporize the product.

Due to the high concentration of budder, it is typically not for beginners. A single “dab” can produce an extremely intense high that can sometimes be overwhelming for beginners or first-time users.

If you do not have a dab rig, or are not interested in investing in one, there are a few other ways to consume the budder. The first is that you can add a small amount of budder to your bowl, in between the fresh bud to prevent burning. Additionally, you can add it into the middle of your joint for an extra kick!


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