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6 Rules of Marijuana Edibles Safety (Demo)

We recently added edibles to our online cannabis dispensary courtesy of Compassion Concentrates. Any number of people can tell you the negative experience they have had with cannabis edibles. In fact, at a 420 festival I attended a few years back, any number of individuals were being tended to by paramedics because they had gone a little hard on the “special brownies”. I admit to requiring a nap on the beach for a similar reason. Fortunately, I found my first experience far funnier than most. Plus, it was made infinitely better by the fact that I woke up to the container of uneaten french fries I had gotten from the local pub. Munchies anyone? That being said, I had a good friend with me who kept an eye on me.

Unfortunately, most individuals don’t have a good first experience with edibles; many over-do it resulting in panic attacks, which is not just contained to anxiety-sufferers but also affects any individual who doesn’t like the feeling of being “too high”, or wasn’t prepared for it to hit them all at once. In order to help other first time edible users avoid making similar mistakes, here are some rules for marijuana edible safety.

Unfortunately, most individuals don’t have a good first experience with edibles; many over-do it…

1. Eat a solid Meal

The first step begins before the cannabis even comes into play, and that is to ensure you eat a proper dinner. Similarly with alcohol, if you do not eat a proper meal before consuming, it will hit you harder and faster than if you had dinner. While some people may think this is a great approach to getting drunk or high, I guarantee if you are new to it, it will not be a good time. There will always be time to up your dosage or experiment, but not the first or even the second time. You need to understand what to expect first.

Marijuana edibles are different from smoking or vaping in that the THC is processed through your liver. Your liver actually converts it into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is far more potent, resulting in a more intense high.

2. Do Not Mix With Alcohol

The second rule before you start is do not mix with alcohol. If you want to drink, than simply choose alcohol but if you want to experience edibles, than choose them alone. Mixing these substances should only be attempted by individuals with a lot of experience in both.

Smoking a joint while having a beer is very different than having a marijuana gummy or pot brownie after several drinks. Even a couple glasses of wine can intensify the effects of marijuana and greatly increase the significance of nausea or dizziness.

3. Keep CBD capsules on hand

This one is a little trickier as CBD can sometimes be hard to find, however, if you have access to CBD capsules, keep some on you. CBD has an opposite effect as THC. While they often work together, CBD alone can greatly reduce paranoia and anxiety that can onset quickly if too much THC is ingested.

If you find that you have had too much and are starting to get nervous, pop a capsule, drink some water and take a breather.

4. Make sure your with people you trust

This is an important and often overlooked step for individuals trying edibles for the first time. You’re hanging out in a group with a bunch of people and someone brings out cookies or brownies and you think to yourself “hell yeah!”. However, this can quickly take a turn if you end up having an anxious response and are somewhere you don’t recognize with people you don’t trust.

If possible, your first time eating edibles should be at your own home or a close friends with an experienced or a sober person who can keep an eye on the situation. A good friend is what made my first experience such a funny story, as opposed to a scary one.

5. Start small and take it slow

Now that we have rundown the initial steps, we have arrived at #5. This is the most important piece of information about marijuana edibles. So if you remember nothing else, remember to start small and take it slow! Most experienced users know what they can handle – assuming that the individual who baked the brownies or the store where you bought the gummies provided accurate information about the THC content.

If you are new to marijuana edibles, always start with a smaller dose. This is usually recommended to be around 5 or 10 milligrams of THC and then wait two hours before you consume any more.

6. Remain calm

If you do have too much THC and are able to, just remember to remain calm. If you need to have a CBD capsule, that will help take the edge off. However, if you are not panicked, simply find a spot to lie down and you will quickly drift off to sleep. If you are feeling a little too edgy to sleep, put on your favourite artist and grab a glass of water. Focus on the music and sipping and you will find yourself coming into focus.

Hopefully, you have yielded these commandments, but in the event that you got a little carried away, you may find our 8 Ways to Counter an Intense Cannabis High article helpful.

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